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Future Stakes!

We're here to help you thrive

and bust through uncertainty.

When we work together, you can think of us as another team member.


We dig deep to know your company, highlight your core values (and identify what amplifies or hinders it from reaching the customer) and align the organization around a shared purpose.


We offer high value high effort support to help you grow your business and empower you and your team to be future proof - resilient, developmental, agile, innovative and high performing.

Meet The Team



Expertise in managing multiple teams and client relations.


Handles overall team management, financial & HR related matters and overall client concerns. 


Email: jem@futurestakes.com

Whatsapp: +639666450228

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Expertise in managing sales & marketing functions


Works with the lean startup mindset - test & validate


Email: guita@futurestakes.com

Whatsapp:  +639178042253

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Expertise in managing administrative and general functions online & offline


Handles overall client onboarding.


Email: cecille@futurestakes.com

Whatsapp: +639064600085

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